Vonage Socials 2020

Change is Good

Times have changed and so have we!
Vonage Socials is now Virtual!


Experience the fun of a Live event in the virtual world with the opportunity to:

  • Hear from great speakers and industry experts
  • Network with like-minded people or people from your industry who are looking for similar solutions as you
  • Most importantly, have a lot of fun by learning to make some classic cocktails, the Liquid Chefs way.

All this while you also get to learn about how the Vonage API communications platform that comprises Video, WhatsApp and Voice, powered by Conversational AI can help you interact with your customers in the ways they love to communicate. The world has changed so it’s important for businesses to adapt to that change quickly and we are here to help you!

Vonage Socials 2020

4 March 2020

Four Seasons Resort Dubai
at Jumeirah Beach

24th September 2020

Bringing the LIVE event experience to your homes! Learning. Networking. Fun.

Empower Customer Interactions

To Elevate Customer Experience

Aramex case study
Remitly case study

Enhance customer experience!

Learn how your company can address customer needs and wants

In the age of conversational commerce and with the massive distribution of messaging applications, businesses now have the ability to communicate with their customers in a private, personalised and two-way environment. 

Conversational commerce allows businesses and customers to communicate more simply by removing the hurdles of having to use websites or apps. 


Businesses that are able to fully embrace conversational technology and be as responsive and communicative with customers as their friends would be will be able to drive significant new relationships and ultimately enhance customer experience.

Learn how your company can leverage the right communication tools and technology to solve problems and address customer needs and wants, across all channels. 


Intelligent technology has the potential to solve real-world business problems across industries, from consumer-focused applications to businesses including banking, retail, ecommerce, travel and hospitality, logistics, and more. 


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